Watch a pre-recorded webinar on “Business Excellence and Benchmarking – A Global Perspective”

This webinar was delivered by Dr Robin Mann on 8 April 2010 in Toronto, Canada. As the Chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network and Chief Expert for business excellence for the Asian Productivity Organisation’s recent research project on the status of business excellence, Robin was in a unique position to provide a global perspective on business excellence and benchmarking.

Dr. Mann’s presentation drew from three projects:

  • A research project on behalf of the Asian Productivity Organisation in 2009 to identify the value and impact of business excellence. Five countries participated in the research; India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.
  • A research project on behalf of the Global Benchmarking Network in 2008 to investigate awareness, use and benefits of benchmarking. Over 40 countries were represented.
  • A research project on behalf of SAI Global in 2006 to review and update the Australian business excellence framework. This project has the involvement of 16 countries.

To watch the recording click here.