To be at the forefront of organisational excellence research and known worldwide as a leader in the provision of benchmarking and business excellence services.


Working with a network of alliances, and a talented team of researchers and consultants, we acquire, share and apply knowledge on organisational excellence.

  • To acquire knowledge on organisational excellence.
(COER Massey University is our RESEARCH arm and focuses on “Acquiring Knowledge”. It administers doctoral research programmes in business excellence, benchmarking, productivity and innovation)
  • To share knowledge on organisational excellence.
( Limited is our KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER arm and focuses on “Best Practice Sharing” through the Best Practice Improvement Resource website).
  • To apply knowledge on organisational excellence.
(COER Limited is the CONSULTANCY arm and focuses on “Applying Knowledge”. It provides consultancy in business excellence and benchmarking and organizes the International Best Practice Competition.).

The values shared by the COER team are:

  • Professionalism
    We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We promptly reply to queries, communicate regularly with our customers on the progress of projects, and go the extra mile to produce high quality research and business output. We respect confidentiality.
  • Working Together
    We proactively develop and support a network of alliances to spread awareness and use of business excellence and benchmarking globally. Collaboration, teamwork and openness is key to our success.
  • Leadership
    We strive to be recognised as leaders in our research and delivery of services and continually work on developing our expertise and leadership abilities in our research/professional duties. We don’t just preach organisational excellence; we also practice organisation excellence.
  • Applied Research
    We focus on research and delivering services that help businesses to improve and make a big difference at an organisational or national level. We are committed to publishing frequently, sharing our knowledge and delivering services that have the greatest impact.