School of Food & Advanced Technology, Massey University

COER is part of the School of Food & Advanced Technology, Massey University.

School of Food & Advanced Technology

Education and research in technology and engineering have been at the core of Massey University since it was founded in 1963.

The growing influence of technology on all functions of society has created a large demand for technology and engineering graduates, not only to enter industry and professional practice, but also to bring the strengths of a technology and engineering education to related fields such as law, medicine, management, finance, and government. Never have the challenges and opportunities for careers in technology and engineering been more exciting or more critical to the long-term well-being of society than they are today.

The School is committed to the concept of wealth creation through the development of new and improved products and processes. Wealth is interpreted broadly as being economic, social and environmental well-being. Whilst economic growth is paramount, it is balanced by the need to simultaneously enhance social and environmental ‘wealth’.

Massey University

Massey University is one of New Zealand’s leading educational institutions. A state funded university, with a proud 70-year tradition of academic excellence and a strong national and international reputation, Massey University is an important part of New Zealand’s post-high school state education system.

Campuses in Palmerston North, Wellington and Auckland, cater for some 19,000 local and international students. Further, in excess of 18,000 New Zealand students study by distance education. The five college structure provide a diversity of degrees, diplomas and certificates.

Massey University is a leader in the fields of sciences, design, social sciences, education and business – with the biggest business college in the country. Staff in many areas are internationally renowned and leading edge research is being undertaken at all three campuses.