New Zealand Benchmarking Club

The New Zealand Benchmarking Club (NZBC) existed between 2000 to 2004. Its vision was “World-class performance by members and widespread adoption of excellent practices within New Zealand”. The Club, consisting of leading New Zealand organisations, aimed “to help its members work towards achieving over 700 points against the Criteria for Performance Excellence”. Main Club meetings identified the business areas to focus on, benchmark, and improve. Benchmarking projects, initiated at the main Club meetings, tackled specific issues (of interest to Club member organisations) and identified best practices which could then be implemented.

The Club was very successful in achieving its objectives as Club member organisations improved on average by 50 Baldrige points per annum. Information on how the Club operated can be found by clicking here. The NZ Benchmarking Club’s old web site, showcasing its services and members, is provided here.

Since the Club was disbanded COER has worked with Gosling Chapman (Auckland) and Business Development (Hamilton) to run smaller regional clubs in NZ, and others, following a similar structure, have begun overseas.

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