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Global Benchmarking Network members Dr Robin Mann, Dr Holger Kohl and Terry Pilcher assisting the International Trade Centre on its benchmarking programme, Geneva, Switzerland, 2008.
COERs happy PhD students and staff - Nihal Jayamaha (left), Jürgen Wagner, Dr Robin Mann and Musli bin Mohammad (right), Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2008.
Dr. Robin Mann presenting at the 3rd International Benchmarking Conferfence. Budapest 2008.
Global Benchmrking Network (GBN) members during the 17th annual general meeting. From left Mario Görmer, Terry Pilcher, Dr. Robin Mann, Ahmed Abbas, Bob Camp, Holger Kohl, Bruce Searles and Karolina Sugar. Budapest 2008.
Cyndi Laurin, author of the Rudolph Factor, speaking at the 3rd International Benchmarking Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 2008.
Dr Robert Camp, Honorary Lifetime President of the GBN, Budapest, Hungary, 2008.
Dr Robin Mann, Bruce Searles of Benchmarking Partnerships, Australia and Karolina Sugar. Hungarian Association for Excellence giving the Best Paper Award to Gabor Tompos, MOL Plc, GBN, Budapest, Hungary, 2008.
Asian Productivity Quality Organisation meeting. Tehran, Iran, 2008.
Two of the leading ambassadors of quality from the UK (David Hutchins) and US (Paul Steel) with Dr Robin Mann. Tehran, Iran, 2008.
A happy Bo Bergman, Professor of Quality, from Sweden. Tehran, Iran, 2008.
Shan Ruprai, President of the APQO, on the left with other speakers at the APQO conference. Tehran, Iran, 2008.
Hesam Aref Kashfi, President of the Iranian Society of Quality, organised a first-class conference with over 2,500 delegates! Tehran, Iran, 2008.
Dr Robin Mann, presenting at the conference. Tehran, Iran, 2008.
The speakers at the conference included Dr James Harrington, Greg Watson, Chuck Aubrey, Paul Steel, David Hutchins, and other leading promoters of quality from around the world. Tehran, Iran, 2008.
Relaxing with Dr James Harrington at Tehran airport, 2008. Dr James Harrington continues to be one of the most enthusiastic proponents of quality and one of the most prolific writers on the subject. Tehran, Iran, 2008.
TRADE best practice benchmarking workshop in Taipei, Taiwan, 2008. Sitting by Dr Robin Mann in the pink shirt is Jeng Mei Liu of UMC.
Dr Robin Mann and Lihkuan Lee, China Productivity Centre, leading the TRADE best practice benchmarking workshop in Taipei, Taiwan, 2008.
Ideas for benchmarking projects. Taiwan, 2008.
Dr Robin Mann with the President of the China Productivity Centre, Mr Chang Pao-Cheng. Taiwan, 2008.
Dr Robin Mann with CPC staff and guests. Taiwan, 2008.
Dr Robin Mann at the “Business Excellence Forum 2008 - Meeting Global Challenges through Benchmarking”, Taiwan, 2008.
Demonstration of Assessor business excellence cards in Taiwan, 2008. For further information refer to

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