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Members of the GBN, Moscow, 2006.
GBN members in cold Moscow, 2006.
Dr Robin Mann speaking at the 1st International Benchmarking Conference, Moscow, 2006.
Yury Samaylov, Vice-President, Russian Benchmarking Club, and Greg Watson, Moscow, 2006.
Joe Hollander, master of ceremonies for the World Congress for TQM. Held in NZ for the first time and attended by more than 350 people, Wellington, 2006. COER was the lead organiser of this event with partners NZOQ, NZIM and the NZBEF.
Professor Gopal Kanji, founder of the World Congress for TQM, Wellington, 2006.
Dr Robin Manns welcome speech at the World Congress, Wellington, 2006.
Rod Oram, economic commentator, at World Congress, Wellington, 2006.
Cyndi Crother-Laurin, voted as the best presenter at the World Congress, Wellington, 2006.
World Congress for TQM Awards Dinner, Wellington, 2006.
Emerald Literati Paper Award winners, David Hemsworth and Bruce Bidgood, Wellington, 2006.
Best paper award winner (3rd place), Vladimir Kajdan, Wellington, 2006.
Best paper award winner (2nd place), Lisa Murray and Shirley-Ann Hazlett. Wellington, 2006.
Best paper award winner (1st place), Commander Mathew Williams, Wellington, 2006. Also, on photo are Dr Robin Mann and Dr Pat Sandbrook from Massey University who sponsored the award.
Royal New Zealand Navy, winners of the New Zealand Business Excellence Award, Wellington, 2006.
Trevor Mallard, Minister for Economic Development and also panel of organisers (Joe Hollander, Michael Voss, David Chapman, Gopal Kanji and Robin Mann), Wellington, 2006.
Mike Watson who also assisted in organising the conference (NZBEF) with Ceillhe Sperath, Wellington, 2006.
Dr Nigel Grigg and Nicky Campbell-Allen (both of COER) on the World Congress boat trip, Wellington, 2006.
Dr Robin Mann was invited by Professor Mohamed Zairi to present at the ECTQM’s Global Leadership Excellence Programme, Bradford, 2006.
Presentation by Dr Robin Mann on “National Strategies for Business Excellence” to CPC, IDB and CSD, Taiwan, 2006.
Meal with the Presidents of CPC and IDB, Taiwan, 2006.
Dr Robin Mann running an Innovation Workshop, Taiwan, 2006.
Dr Robin Mann and Patrick Chee present certificates to government departments that have completed the Sheik SAQR Government Excellence Program self-assessment, UAE, 2006.
Dr Robin Mann meets the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Court, Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa. Unfortunately Robin’s suitcase had still not arrived in Bahrain and so he was more casual than planned. Bahrain, 2006.
Dr Robin Mann gives a keynote speech at the 3rd Quality Conference, Bahrain, 2006.

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