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The 10th Year of the Global Benchmarking Network. Dr Robin Mann was appointed chairman of the GBN at this meeting, Berlin, 2004.
President and founder of benchmarking, Dr Robert Camp (left) and Peter Heisig, previous chairman of GBN, Berlin, 2004.
Dr Robert Camp leading a discussion on best practices, GBN, Berlin, 2004.
Members of the GBN, over 20 countries represented, Berlin, 2004.
Dr Robin Mann with Terry Pilcher, BCS Management Services. Terry works in close partnership with Ltd, 2004.
Dr Nigel Grigg receives the Institute of Quality Assurance annual National Award for best PhD thesis relating to quality management, London. 2004.
New Zealand Benchmarking Club Members (2000 to 2004); Steve Morrison, Pat Sandbrook, Alison Rowland, Andrew Wardman, Simon Broome, Joanna de Wilde, Philip Dowling, Carolynn Joyce, Brett Ennis, Betsy Duncan, Neil Bleasdale, Lyn Meendering, Richard Bird, Amanda Davies, Dave Gurney, John Pine, Roger Rowley, Denis Hunt, Mike Konig, Sen Chen, and John Nicholson, Palmerston North.

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