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Excellence Without Borders

Excellence without borders

‘Excellence Without Borders – A Global Business Excellence Study’

Your Invitation to Participate

Dear colleague

The Centre for Organizational Excellence Research (COER) and Massey University (New Zealand) has recently started a major benchmarking study on ‘the design, deployment and impact of National/Regional/Sectoral Business Excellence (BE) programs entitled ‘Excellence Without Borders’.

The objectives for this study are to identify how BE Custodians:

  1. Design their BE frameworks;
  2. Deploy their BE frameworks (consisting of “awareness” – how custodians create awareness of the framework; “application” – how custodians are assisting organizations in applying or using the framework; and “recognition” – how custodians recognize and reward those organizations that achieve excellence as assessed against the framework;
  3. Support the design and deployment of their BE frameworks; and
  4. Measure the success of their BE frameworks.

The project aims to be the largest ever study on BE with a goal to compare and assess the effectiveness of National/Regional/Sectoral BE frameworks in 30 or more countries.  The more Custodians that we can have supporting and participating in this project, the more reliable and helpful our research will be for you.  As a participant in this study, you will receive a Benchmarking Report, sharing the study’s findings.

It is anticipated that the study and resulting report will help facilitate improvements in the application of BE worldwide, with the potential to achieve major positive societal and economic impacts, and thus deliver “Excellence Without Borders”.  In addition there will be the opportunity for Custodians to benchmark their practices, services, and results and to learn from, and network with other Custodians.  Eventually, it is hoped that this study will result in a greater level of BE understanding and use, that will ultimately lead to an improved public service and private sector with stakeholder needs and expectations being better addressed by BE.

Two studies of a similar nature have previously been undertaken by COER and Massey University in 2005 and 2010. These studies, for the BE Framework Custodians in Australia – SAI Global (with 16 countries participating), and the Asian Productivity Organization (5 countries participating), have set
a benchmark for this new and much larger ‘global’ study.

Recent research conducted by COER has revealed that at least 61 countries have an active National BE Award:
Your country has been identified as:

  1. One of the 61 countries where up-to-date information has been published on the award, the award has been conferred in the last two years or clear evidence was provided that an award was planned for 2015  (National Awards List); or
  2. We understand that your country may have a BE framework or an award process in place.

To ensure ‘Excellence Without Borders’ is truly a Global and participative study, and the research is relevant and successful for the BE community, as an award ‘Custodian’ organisation we would like to invite your participation in this study.

For the purpose of this study BE Custodians are those enterprises (private or public) that own, instigate, administer or support National/Regional/Sectorial (and other variants of these) within their country or geographical ‘region’. Custodians have responsibility for the oversight, development, deployment, measurement and management of such BE Frameworks.

We ask that you now complete (A) and/or (B) for us. This information will ensure that we have the correct contact details for circulating information regarding the ‘Excellence Without borders’ study.

  1. If you are not the key contact person of the Custodian organization for the BE framework for your country, region or sector we would appreciate your clicking on the link and kindly providing us with their contact details (should you know them).
  2. If you are the key contact person of the Custodian organization for the BE framework for your country, region or sector we would appreciate your clicking on the link and kindly providing us with:
    • An indication of your interest  in participating in the ‘Excellence Without Borders’ study;
    • Your full contact details; and
    • The names of any additional people you would like to be added to our mailing list.

The first step of this study will involve participants reviewing the’ Terms of Reference’(TOR) – this covers aims/objectives, research plan and data confidentiality. If you indicate your interest in participating, this document will be sent to you for commenting on.
Participants will also have the option of having their name included in documentation related to being involved in the study - your consent for this will be obtained when the TOR are email to you for comment.

Once you have indicated your interest in being a study participant click on this link and you will be taken to the next stage of the study – a review of the Terms Of Reference

Thank you again for reading our email, and for your assistance with providing this valuable information. Your participation in the ‘Excellence Without Borders’ study is extremely important to us.

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